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       ● Pulverized coal boiler
       ●  Coupling system of coal characteristics and boiler type
       ● Pulverizing system and equipment
       ● NOx emissions control technology (low NOx combustion technology, flue gas denitrification
       ● Flue gas desulfurization technology
       ● Dedusting technology
       ● Comprehensive utilization of ash and slag
       ● Utility boiler fan technology
       ● Boiler testing instrument and equipment
       ● CFD design optimization technology


       ● Turbine operation technology
       ● Vibration monitoring, failure diagnosis and handling technology of turbo-generator and rotating
       ●  Comprehensive energy saving technology of turbine and thermal system
       ● Design, diagnosis and analysis of turbine flow passage
       ● Testing, optimization and diagnosis of turbine auxiliary equipment
       ● Air- cooling turbine and cooling island
       ● Testing, analysis, design and retrofit technology of unit insulation
       ● Turbo-generator comprehensive evaluation
       ● Analysis and diagnosis of aerodynamic and strength of steam turbine and gas turbine


       ●  Performance test
       ● Performance diagnosis and evaluation
       ● Operation optimization


       ● Commissioning technology of SC/USC units, combined cycle units, CFB units and air-cooling
       ● Commissioning technology of convention island of nuclear power station
       ● Commissioning technology of new energy power generation equipment
       ● Commissioning technology of DeSOx and DeNOx equipment and system


       ● R&D and application research of new materials for power plants
       ● Condition evaluation and lifetime evaluation of power plant equipment
       ● Metal supervision and inspection and equipment condition diagnosis
       ● Pipe supports and hangers adjustment and pipe vibration handling
       ● Welding repair and protection engineering of power plant equipment
       ● Components failure analysis and material physicochemical property study
       ● Safety performance inspection of utility boiler pressure vessels
       ● Comprehensive treatment of wear-proof and burst-proof of heating surface tube
       ● Long life temperature measuring device of heating surface tube inside the boiler


       ● Distributed Control System (DCS, DEH)
       ● Auxiliary workshop control system
       ● Simulation system
       ● Field-bus control system (FCS)
       ● Control technology and control strategy


       ● Supervisory information system at plant level (SIS)
       ● Operation indicator supervision system for power generation groups
       ● Operation optimization management system for large capacity fossil-fired units
       ● Remote expert diagnosing system for fossil-fired power plants
       ● Lifetime evaluation and management system for high temperature components
       ● Maintenance management evaluation of power plants
       ● Maintenance strategy analysis and system of power plant equipment ( RCM: Reliability
           Centered Maintenance, RBM: Risk-Based Maintenance)
       ● Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM)
       ● Condition evaluation and monitoring system of power plant units
       ● Technical supervision management system of fossil-fired power plants
       ● Reliability management system of fossil-fired power plants


       ● Technical supervision of fossil-fired power plants
       ● Energy consumption analysis and energy saving plan
       ● Energy saving technology of generating equipment
       ● Safety and condition evaluation of generating equipment
       ● Quality evaluation of unit maintenance
       ● Technical retrofit project evaluation
       ● Remote diagnosis technology of fossil-fired power generating equipment
       ● Performance test, condition diagnosis and evaluation of electrical equipment
       ● Metrological test


       ● Equipment manufacturing supervision of thermal power, hydropower, wind power and nuclear
       ● Equipment manufacturing supervision during technical retrofit
       ● Quality inspection and evaluation of power plant equipment manufacturing
       ● Manufacturing supervision and inspection of four major pipes, pipe components and
       ● Metal supervision and inspection
       ● Quality supervision, inspection and evaluation of power plant equipment installation
       ● Safety evaluation of defective components
       ● Equipment quality investigation and evaluation of new-built units
       ● Overhaul supervision


       ● Anti-corrosion and anti-fouling technology
       ● Water, oil/gas analysis
       ● Oil/gas treatment technology and equipment
       ● Chemical cleaning of utility boiler and auxiliary equipment
       ● On-line chemical instrument calibration technology and equipment
       ● Boiler makeup water treatment technology
       ● Circulating water treatment and high concentration ratio operating technology
       ● Condensate polishing technology
       ● Water balance test and optimization technology
       ● Water saving technology
       ● Reuse of treated municipal wastewater
       ● Treatment and reuse technology of DeSOx wastewater and drainage
       ● Testing and inspection technology of water treatment chemicals performance and ion
           exchange resin performance
       ● Development of circulating cooling water treatment chemicals
       ● Selection and effect evaluation of water treatment chemicals
       ● R & D of chemical cleaning corrosion-inhibitor of thermal power equipment
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