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    Thermal Power Research Institute (“TPRI” in short) is a leading research organization in the field of thermal power engineering in China. It had been directly under the administration of different Chinese government ministries for years in history. It is now controlled by the five major Chinese independent power generation groups, which were created after the power sector restructuring in 2002. China Huaneng Group, the largest independent power generation group in China, is its majority shareholder.

    TPRI has been actively involved in key R&D projects funded by the government authorities, such as the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Its major R&D efforts are devoted to thermal power generation technologies and equipments, mainly to thermal power plant operation, automation and information management, clean coal power generation, new power generation and renewable power generation technologies. It is capable of providing technical and economic solutions to power plant operation optimization, pollutants reduction and equipment life extension.

    Based on its extensive expertise for half a century, TPRI has been contributing greatly to the improvement of overall efficiency, reliability and availability of the fossil-fired power plants. It has been enjoying a high reputation for its qualified technical consultancy and service both at home and abroad. Its footprints can be found in almost all the Chinese power plants, as well as in some other power plants in the world.

Some foreign officials paid a visit to TPRI due to the active role it has been     playing in international scientific and technological activities. Mr. Roman Herzog, the former German president visited TPRI in Nov. 1996 and praised TPRI as “a model of executing Sino-Germany cooperation project”. Mr. John Kerry, the Secretary of the US (the then Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations Committee) visited TPRI in May 2009. Besides, TPRI is an executive member of International Electric Research Exchange (IERE).


- China Huaneng Group (52%)
- China Datang Corp. (12%)
- China Huadian Corp. (12%)
- China Guodian Corp. (12%)
- China Power Investment Corp. (12%)

Departments And Employees

- 17 R&D departments
- 11 administration offices
- 2 branch institutes (Beijing / Suzhou)
- 1600 employees (88% technical staff)
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