-   China-EU Cooperation Program
        “Utility Boiler Combustion Technology Training Center ” (1987~1996)

-   China-US Government Cooperation Program
        “Feasibility Study of IGCC Demo Plant in China” (1994~1995)

-   China-Germany Government Cooperation Programs
         ? Conventional Fossil-Fired Utility Boiler Combustion Technologies (1987~1995)
         ? Power Plant Technology and Energy Center (1995~2002)
         ? Water Management in Coal-Fired Power Plant (2005~2008)

-   China-Canada Government Cooperation Projects
         ? Electric Power Research Project (1985~1995)
         ? Reduction of CO2 Emission from Coal-Fired Utility Boilers in China (2003~2005)

-   China-UK Government Cooperation Program
         “Pressurized Entrained Flow Gasification with Dry Feed” (2002~2004)

-   China-Denmark Government Cooperation Program
         “Clean Coal (Energy) Technology” (2003~2005)

-   Cooperation Action within CCS China-EU (2007-2009)

-   Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate, AP6
         “Pilot Plant of 3000 t/a CO2 Capture in Coal-Fired Power Plant”(2007-2009)

-   TPRI-V & M (Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes ) Cooperation Project:
         “Test Program for 7CrMoVTiB10 10(T24)”(2011-2013)

-   TPRI-JCOAL Cooperation Project:
         “Survey on Efficiency Improvement of Chinese Fossil-Fired Power Equipments and Feasibility
         of EMC” (2012)

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